2013 Vehicle Graphics Awards: Marine Corps Exchange

Marine Corps Exchange

Quantico, VA

DESIGNER: Mary Pugliese, Marine Corps Exchange, Quantico, VA

GRAPHICS SUPPLIER: Mountain Commercial Graphics, Houston, TX

MARKING MATERIALS: Non-reflective 3M 1J180C

The U.S. Marine Corps Exchange utilizes Mobile Tactile Field Exchanges (MTFE) to train Marines on combat-related retail operations. But the two trailers the Marine Corps Exchange uses need not be simple trailers. After all, in addition to training exercises, these trailers are seen by thousands of Marines at a time, so they need to be impactful.

“Since the vehicles are essentially mobile Marine Corps Exchange stores, long lines of Marines can be seen surrounding them as they wait for their turn to shop within,” Cindy Whitman-Lacy, deputy director-business operations, says. “The appearance of the graphics makes a great impact on the Marines and gives them something positive and prideful to look at as they wait.”

The trailers include the Marine’s familiar camo pattern at the front, pictures of Marines near the rear, and branding.

“The Mobile Tactical Field Exchanges were designed for the Marine Corps to provide Marines a realistic training tool. The MTFEs are used by Marine Occupational Specialty 4130/4133 and Marine Corps Community Service Specialists,” Whitman-Lacy says. “The Marines use the MTFEs stateside to train for combat operational missions abroad. They have been retrofitted to provide fully functional retail operations with capabilities of running on standard power, or by the use of internal generators.

“They additionally have satellite capabilities, which allow them to process real-time retail transactions. They are mobile and can be transported from base to base, which allows maximum exposure of the unique graphics,” Whitman- Lacy adds. “The MTFEs have a unique wrap that promotes the honor and pride of the United States Marine Corps. Everywhere they are located, people are intrigued and drawn to the story that these graphics portray. This is not only a great training tool for the Marines, but a mobile historic theme for all to enjoy.”

The trailers were wrapped at Camp Lejeune, NC, in November 2012, and Camp Pendleton, CA, in March of this year.


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