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2016 Vehicle Graphics Awards

Thirty years ago, trucks and trailers rolled down American highways with their name on the side—if even that. Today, that is no longer the case as fleets of all sizes are taking advantage of that prime real estate on their vehicles. It doesn’t matter if the graphic incorporates the entire tractor-trailer, just a trailer or truck, or just a small portion of one side of the vehicle. The available space on a vehicle is an opportunity to advertise your products, services, or maybe even a public service message.

What more and more truck fleets are learning is that a vehicle without an eye-catching wrap is a wasted opportunity to showcase their brand.

Whatever the graphic is, a few basic rules apply: Keep it clean, keep it crisp, and keep it visible. Whether a fleet runs a van, a straight truck, or a tractor-trailer, companies of every type can benefit from the visibility their vehicles offer.  Because vehicles spend so much of their time on the road, they are the perfect advertising vehicle, and at a reasonable rate of return. If only it is wrapped with high-impact graphics.

This year’s Fleet Owner Vehicle Graphics Awards represent just a small sampling of the possibilities when it comes to graphics, but they represent a cross-section of American trucking.

The winners, chosen by the Fleet Owner staff, include our Editor’s Choice Award winner. All the winners showcase the impact that key words and images can have in effectively promoting a brand.  So browse through the following pages as Fleet Owner presents its Annual Vehicle Graphics Awards finalists.


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