Bergstrom manufactures its 50,000th NITE system

Bergstrom recently celebrated the production of its 50,000th NITE no-idle system.  The milestone unit was produced at the company’s corporate headquarters in Rockford, IL.

According to Bergstrom, the 50,000 units produced translates into approximately 189.5 million gals. of fuel saved worldwide.

The 50,000th unit, a NITE Phoenix, was part of an order from Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc (ADS), a manufacturer of corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe products. It was sold through Ohio-based Stykemain Trucks, Inc. and installed at the Fontaine Modification Center in conjunction with Bergstrom team members.

“This achievement far surpasses the production pace of our competitors, illustrating the high demand for Bergstrom’s NITE units in the marketplace. It was only two years ago that we celebrated the production of the 30,000th unit,” said Bill Gordon, vice president aftermarket and NITE sales. “Our team is very proud of this milestone and our contributions towards reducing harmful emissions and improving driver comfort on the road.”

As a battery-powered system, the NITE solution can reduce the average truck’s fuel usage by as much as 3,790 gals. a year, and save the owner more than $15,353 per truck, per year in reduced fuel costs and maintenance, based on diesel prices of $4/gal., 6-cylinder engine, 1,000 idling RPM, eight idling hours per day, 300 days per year, Bergstrom said.

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