Detroit Radiator Corp. to serve as official sponsor of Truck Drivers

Detroit Radiator Corp. has become an official sponsor of Truck Drivers As a sponsor, Detroit Radiator Corp. will help the Truck Drivers campaign travel the country promoting good health and exercise to drivers, while also demonstrating the correlation between an unhealthy and healthy truck driver with an unhealthy and healthy truck.

Truck Drivers will display an 1995 custom built Western Star show truck to represent a well-experienced truck driver who is unhealthy and out of shape after 20 years on the road. After the entire truck is rebuilt and revealed by Truck Drivers and its sponsors, it will represent a repaired and healthy truck driver. Interesting health maintenance tips and plans for both truckers and trucks will be shared to all that will listen and read along the way.

The campaign will begin at the Mid-America Truck Show (MATS 2015) on March 26-28, 2015 and end at MATS 2017. The truck will travel to approximately 60 other industry truck shows and over 350 truck and fleet related companies, and more, over the course of the two-year campaign. It will also be featured on the George & Wendy Show (a truck driver reality show where Wendy Parker rides with her husband, George Parker, an owner-operator and Wendy chronicles their adventures and observations).

“Through our investment and involvement in Truck Drivers, we are helping to ensure that broader audiences of truck drivers receive the best education and tools available to live a healthier, longer and more productive life,” said Randy Pruitt, CEO, Detroit Radiator Corp. “We are a company that strives to give back to the trucking industry.”

“The Truck Drivers campaign is proud to feature Detroit Radiator Corporation’s Radiator, POWERMAX Charge Air Cooler, and AC Condenser in its campaign, as well as Detroit Radiator Corporation advice and informational flyers. These items will display some of the truck products necessary to create a healthy truck at any age,” said Barry Pawelek Sr., Founder & CEO, Truck Drivers “Our organizational team wants this campaign to only feature what we believe are the finest products in the industry,” added Pawelek.

The campaign will be exhibiting at the following shows (additional dates will be announced)

  • West America Truck Show
  • OverDrive’s Polish and Pride Shows
  • The Guerrilla Truck Show
  • NTEA | The Association for the Work Truck Industry
  • Nostalgia Productions   
  • Chrome Shop Mafia  
  • Antique Truck Club of America
  • Carlisle Events
  • Wheel Jam Truck Show
  • The Great American Trucking Show
  • National Association of Show Trucks
  • Salt Lake Truck Show
  • Waupun Truck-n-Show
  • Eau Claire Big Rig Truck Show              
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