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Electric Co. workers save truck driver from potential death

Two electric company employees who happened upon a semi-truck accident in West Allis, WI, on June 28 were able to avert a potentially deadly situation, saving the life of the truck driver trapped in the cab of his rig by downed power lines.

Shortly before 7 a.m. a semi-truck crashed into and tore down power lines near I-94 just off Highway 100. Live wires had fallen onto the semi creating an electrical current. If the driver had gotten out, he could have been killed, according to a FOX 6 News report.

Luckily, the first two people on the scene were WE Energies employees on their way to work. John Feider and Erich Wuestenhagen jumped from their cars and into action before the scene was even contained. The men blocked traffic with sandbags, diverted pedestrians away from the scene, and made sure the driver was safe.

“In that situation, where there’s down lines, you’re most safe staying where you are,” said Wuestenhagen.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident. The driver of the semi was cited for inattentive driving and operating an over-length vehicle without a permit.

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