EROAD adds IFTA Easy File to tax management solution

EROAD announced a new IFTA Easy File enhancement to its Electronic Tax Management solution. The new feature is designed to reduce the time and complexity of filing quarterly IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) returns.

“For carriers in certain jurisdictions, EROAD IFTA Easy File takes our existing enhanced IFTA reporting to the next level by offering a sophisticated yet simple solution for automatically generating and filing quarterly IFTA returns,” said Gail Levario, vice president, strategy and market development at EROAD. “By not requiring any data manipulation or translating of reports, IFTA Easy File makes it even easier for our customers to significantly reduce the time and effort spent preparing and filing returns. This new capability of EROAD’s IFTA Electronic Tax Management solution allows carriers to spend less time sifting through paper and more time running their business.”

With IFTA Easy File, carriers in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire and South Dakota can file a quarterly return by logging into their jurisdiction’s online system and sending reports generated by EROAD’s IFTA Electronic Tax Management solution. In addition to producing quarterly returns, the EROAD solution can help meet all of a carrier’s IFTA recordkeeping requirements and tax filing and obligations electronically, the company noted.

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