Five tips to engage your female drivers

Following are ways some carriers that have joined Women In Trucking Association as corporate members are engaging their female drivers:  

1. Find a way to bring them together. Host an event or give them all t-shirts that identify them as drivers for your company.

2. Sign them up as members of Women In Trucking so they can enjoy the benefits, as well. They’ll receive invitations to networking events, opportunities for mentoring, a weekly e-newsletter, a lapel pin and membership card and more, for only $10 under the corporate membership.


3. Send them to the “Salute to Women Behind the Wheel” held each March at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. They’ll receive a red t-shirt and a bag filled with goodies from the sponsors while they enjoy the chocolate fountains and entertainment. Visit for information about the event.

4. Direct them to the Women In Trucking Association Facebook page where over 6,000 drivers share tips, trials and successes with one another. The site is monitored by drivers for drivers and the information is current and relevant.

5. Encourage your current drivers to mentor a newcomer. You can direct them to the Women In Trucking website, or just ask your own drivers to offer support and encouragement to those new to the company.

Encourage your company to engage your female drivers with these opportunities and share your success stories here.

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