Fleet Advantage expands to serve for-hire fleets

Fleet Advantage announced it recently expanded its asset-management business focus beyond private-fleet carriers to the for-hire carrier market.

“Fleet Advantage helps private fleets and for-hire operators manage their heavy-duty trucks with the proprietary EXchangeIT flexible lease solution combined with ATLAAS (Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software) available exclusively to clients,” the company said. “Accurate cost analysis is essential for companies operating Heavy-Duty trucks.  ATLAAS leverages all available data to predict the most cost-effective truck lifecycle and the ‘tipping point’ then deploying EXchangeIT, resulting in the absolute lowest cost per mile. Ultimately, fleets benefit from lower equipment acquisition costs and save millions of dollars in fuel, maintenance and finance expenses with this continuous improvement model that increases efficiencies and productivity within their organizations, while reducing CO2 emissions with every mile traveled.”

According to Brian Barze, CFO of P&S Transportation, LLC, this asset-management solution offers specific benefits to his transportation fleet. “By emphasizing the importance of benchmarking our current costs and capturing and analyzing the actual data from our operations, Fleet Advantage was able to quantify the resulting savings of replacing trucks earlier in our fleet based on the ‘tipping point’ versus our standard trade cycle,” he said. “I am thankful to the Fleet Advantage team for helping us increase efficiencies throughout our operation in areas that we hadn’t yet tapped into. Their credit approval process was quick and the flexibility of their EXchangeIT program makes the financing terms the most beneficial to the end user. I have the option of either running the truck to term or exchanging it for a new model to keep my fleet on the cutting edge of technology.”

“We’re excited to see our asset management solutions succeeding and benefitting the for-hire market,” said Jim Griffin, COO and CTO for Fleet Advantage. “There is simply no smarter way to save money in a truck’s operation than to make certain the lifecycle of each vehicle is timed properly. Traditional thinking and reliance on anecdotal evidence suggest that it costs less to keep the older truck in service longer—but the data shows that the opposite is actually true. Marrying the onboard computer, maintenance and finance data will take on an even more prominent role in controlling costs as new regulations are enacted and intelligent transportation systems technologies gain popularity. For-hire operators that have a concrete grasp and understanding of this data and how it effects their operations today will lead the industry into tomorrow.” 

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