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072319 CSA-Performance_hi-res.jpg Photo: J.J. Keller and Associates Inc.

New service helps fleets proactively manage CSA scores

J.J. Keller CSA Performance Suite combines robust dashboard reporting with expert compliance assistance and training.

“Countless motor carriers simply don’t have the time or resources to make sense of their CSA data, and this is where the risk lies.” That’s the warning from Tom Bray, transportation industry consultant at J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.

According to Bray, motor carriers that aren’t using their CSA data to proactively identify compliance issues and correct unsafe driver behaviors are at greater risk of intervention, litigation and serious accidents.

To make it easier for fleets to address this gap in their safety and compliance program, J.J. Keller has developed the new CSA Performance Suite.

Using the inspection, violation and crash data collected through the CSA program, the CSA Performance Suite’s online dashboard displays real-time data that fleets can use to identify patterns and trends, prioritize areas requiring attention, monitor driver performance, and better understand what’s impacting their CSA scores.

“In addition to the Suite’s at-a-glance dashboards,” Bray added, “what really sets this service apart is that customers also get a dedicated J.J. Keller Compliance Specialist who provides additional oversight of trending metrics, offers insights to prevent future violations, supports customers in the event of an audit, and administers online corrective action training for drivers with violations.”

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