Odyssey introduces new transportation management system

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation recently announced the introduction of WIN (Web Integrated Network), a free cloud-based transportation management solution offering shippers a system for logistics and transportation management.

“We’re offering a powerful transportation management solution for free,” said Bob Shellman, president and chief executive officer. “This distinguishes Odyssey from other providers who charge expensive fees for this kind of service. With WIN, one of the key benefits is that clients can keep their existing carriers or access a wider system of carriers through the WIN network and the spot market. There’s no need to discontinue relationships with existing partners and carriers.”

Shellman added that WIN is not a traditional Transportation Management System (TMS).

“WIN is much more than a typical TMS,” he explained. “We’ve developed an easy-to-use toolset that provides all of the essential features needed to simplify and optimize daily transportation management activities plus provide additional capacity. WIN clients benefit from a leading-edge technology that has been developed and refined for more than a decade.”

According to the company, the benefits of WIN include:

  • Access to additional capacity

  • Lower freight costs

  • Single source for transportation management

  • Optimum rate selection

  • In-transit track and trace

  • Rating and tendering

  • Network visibility

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