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Ohio Highway Patrol will show no mercy to speeders

The Ohio Highway Patrol says there will be no mercy for those who attempt to push the new, higher 70-mph speed limit on rural Interstate System freeways in the state.

Lt. Jerrod Savidge, commander of the patrol’s Bowling Green post, said he has directed his troopers to enforce the new limit strictly — no 5 or 10 mph grace — and the highway patrol will use planes flying over I-75 to help them track down speeders, according to a report in the Toledo Blade.

“Seventy doesn’t mean 75. We’re going to be very strict,” Savidge said. “As long as the weather cooperates, we will be flying I-75.”

While the state law increasing the speed limit to 70 signed in April and effective July 1 applied the 70-mph limit only to mainline Interstate System roads — I-70, I-71, I-75, I-76, I-77, and I-90 — outside urban and suburban areas, an amendment included in the biennial budget bill Gov. John Kasich signed June 30 extends eligibility to non-interstate highways designed to Interstate System standards.

Melissa Ayers, an Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman, said the department has 90 days to determine which non-interstate expressways will qualify for the higher speed limits.

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