OPW introduces fuel management platform

OPW has introduced OPW CloudCentral, a cloud-based fuel and environmental management software platform that centralizes fuel level monitoring and compliance tracking in one dashboard.

OPW CloudCentral is powered by Titan Cloud Software, provides “anytime, anywhere” visibility of critical fuel site data in real time, the company said. The software features include inventory and delivery management, compliance tracking and alarm monitoring, inventory reconciliation, and flow rate monitoring and reporting. “The platform’s remote management capabilities allow operators instant access to critical alarm data, as well as other site data from any web-enabled device,” the company said.

“OPW CloudCentral simplifies fuel level monitoring and environmental compliance management to provide operators an overview of fuel site data that is both informative and actionable,” said Pete Neil, Automatic Tank Gauging Business Development Manager at OPW Fuel Management Systems.

The software’s unlimited user capacity enables fuel sites to efficiently scale for network expansion, while OPW CloudCentral’s real-time visibility of fuel inventory levels, alarms and equipment issues minimize service calls and site downtime.

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