Rolling Strong introduces wellness app for truckers

Rolling Strong has introduced “RoadApp” to Wellness, a free downloadable app for any iPhone, iPad or computer via

The Rolling Strong RoadApp is designed specifically for the professional driver with helpful information to navigate their personal wellness, as well as transportation companies looking to connect with the mobile workforce.

The Rolling Strong Wellness RoadApp’s member section is the heart and soul of the RoadApp that connects the driver and transportation industry to a database that keeps track of their health each time they enter their biometric readings (blood pressure, weight, BMI, sugar) from Rolling Strong’s health clinic partners and wellness stations out on the road.

Rolling Strong includes diabetes information and management tools from Bayer HealthCare on the RoadApp, including an offer to drivers for their choice of either Bayer’s Contour or Breeze2 blood glucose meters.

The RoadApp’s free section includes a health tip everyday, Rolling Strong events and the monthly Rolling Strong Wellness e-newsletter. In addition, the RoadApp allows drivers to search clinic locations and provides drivers the opportunity when they go out to eat the ability to pull up that restaurant’s nutritional guide and see the healthiest to eat, which may not always be the salad.

The app also shows proper exercises for drivers using their truck, videos that discuss different ailments a driver may be suffering from and a link to the Center for Disease Control for the latest in health information.

“We want to offer drivers who are working hard to manage their personal health, and for those who are just beginning to think about wellness, a tool to help them reach their health goals,” said Bob Perry, known as the “Trucker Trainer” and president of Rolling Strong. “By delivering this opportunity to all drivers, hopefully, it will encourage them to take a peak under their own personal hood in taking better care of themselves on the road and at home.”

“It’s an exciting time for Rolling Strong and shows the steady progression in driver health and wellness. This app is another advancement in bringing driver wellness into the main stream,” Perry said. “This is another giant step in staying true to our mission to support driver wellness and to help them navigate down the highway to better health getting them home safe each and every time to their families.”

For more information about Rolling Strong, call 888-506-6079 or visit


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