Stolen vehicle recovery devices launched

A new fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery system has been launched by Cellocator, a Pointer Telocation Div. The CR200 unit is a compact-sized device targeting large fleets, insurance and leasing companies.

Cellocator is a provider of automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology provider with more than 800,000 units installed in over 55 countries.

The CR200 is a fully certified device in accordance with U.S. regulations, the company said.

Also offered is the CR200B, which includes a built-in rechargeable battery and GSM jamming detection algorithms.

“The introduction of CR200 answers the need of our customers in the fleet management sector, equipping them with compact quick to deploy units that provide a cost effective alternative for fleet management capabilities and stolen vehicle recovery applications,” said Noam Cimand, vice president of sales and marketing.

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