Trincon Group offers free webinar on developing strategies for success

The Trincon Group is offering a free webinar on Jan. 22, 2015, for trucking company owners and executives to discuss business strategies for profiting in today’s changing environment. “How to Succeed in a Changing Environment” will discuss how recent events are changing the business climate, and propose proven strategies for helping companies respond.

“[This year] is going to mark a period of significant change for the trucking industry.  Improvement in the overall economy is resulting in increased demand for trucking and logistics services; at the same time the on-going driver shortage, and the impact of regulation is constraining the industry. Together these factors are changing the business dynamic between shippers and transportation companies.  Add to that projections for at least a temporary end to spiraling fuel costs and you have the opportunity for increased profitability and business growth for those firms with the ability to respond effectively,” said Duff Swain, president of Trincon Group.

According to Trincon, responding effectively means maximizing productivity, making effective use of all available resources – including drivers, having the ability to successfully negotiate with shippers, and being able to effectively manage your operations both tactically and strategically.

“We’ve all heard a lot from technology vendors about “Big Data” and its potential to impact your ability to manage your business,” Swain said. “Big Data is not the problem or the answer – the real solution lies in making sense out of the data you have. It is about being able to leverage the assets you have to maximize your individual capabilities and strengths to gain competitive advantage.”

For more information, visit, call 614-442-0590, or e-mail [email protected].

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