WEX Fleet One selected as fueling card partner by CarsArrive

CarsArrive, a national network of automated vehicle-shipping services, has selected WEX Fleet One as its fuel card provider. WEX Fleet One will supply co-branded, over-the-road fuel card services for the CarsArrive network.

The partnership will bring new CarsArrive Network-branded fuel cards, which offer benefits including controls, fraud reduction, level III reporting and fuel savings throughout the WEX Fleet One network. The partnership also brings access to the Bridgestone National Preferred program, offering CarsArrive Network members discounts on emergency and routine tire replacement.

“We are very excited about the opportunity this relationship will provide fleets nationwide. By adding an OTR fuel card product to its offerings, CarsArrive Network members can enjoy additional security, control and cost containment measures,” said Bill Cooper, general manager of fleet OTR and partner channels at WEX.  “By enhancing its offerings with a fuel card product, CarsArrive Network has only increased its value to fleets as yet another tool to minimize costs.”  

“I was a small, independent, over-the-road car hauler for nearly 15 years. To my knowledge, nothing like this program has ever been created before, specifically to help the small car haul operators,” said Michael Briggs, president, CEO and founder of CarsArrive Network. “CarsArrive and WEX Fleet One have built a national fuel discount program by leveraging our network of 50,000 car haulers. It’s something we here at CarsArrive have been passionate about since the company began back in 2000.”

CarsArrive members include independent North American car hauling companies.

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