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Your Jan. 27 Pre-Trip: Is Amazon ready to ditch for-hire carriers for its freight needs?

Here are five things worth knowing today:

  1. Amazon’s foray into trucking, in which it will transport some of its own freight with branded trailers, isn’t concerning other carriers yet. Swift Transportation and Covenant Transportation, both said they don’t expect the impact to affect their operations. The Wall Street Journal explores the concerns.
  2. The Indiana Motor Truck Assn. has played a large role in creating a special campaign in the state to reduce distracted driving. The Association has worked to get a new specialized license plate created that reads “Put the Phone Down.” Proceeds from sales of the plate will fund safe driving programs in the state, according to KPC News.
  3. Bystanders came to the rescue of a trucker in Pennsylvania, whose rig was teetering off the edge of the Turnpike. Forming a human chain, the driver was rescued by more than a dozen motorists. He retells the story to news.
  4. Researchers have developed a process where they can remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into methanol, which can be used as a vehicle fuel. looks at the researchers who accomplished this and how it works.
  5. After all the snow that fell last week in Washington, D.C., officials were concerned about what to do with it. The answer is coming in the form of a special “heating” trailer that will melt the snow. Called the Snow Dragon, the unit is on loan from Indianapolis, according to the Daily Mail.
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