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Ease of Use in Researching Fleets

Find Freight Carriers

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Find LTL Carriers

Find Fleets by Local, Regional, National Designation

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FleetSeek - What Is It?

FleetSeek is our state-of-the-art Internet search engine providing subscribers with “24/7” access to any and all of our seamlessly integrated databases of trucking fleets and operations headquartered in North America, a current total of about 200,000 listings from the United States and Canada.

During a twelve-month subscription to FleetSeek, subscribers are entitled to all updates and enhancements made to the databases(s) purchased. Uploads are made at least once every 72 hours; critical changes to records can be made immediately.

The FleetSeek product line includes:

  • The National Motor Carrier Directory
  • The Private Fleet Directory
  • The Canadian Fleet Directory
  • The Owner-Operator Database

Your FleetSeek subscription(s) offer you company name, mailing address, telephone (toll-free if available), fax, website, plus name and title of the decision maker in each fleet. Complete demographic information, to better apprise you of company size and operating characteristics, are also included. Among these items are number of trucks, tractors and trailers, the sum of power units, trailers by type (van, refrigerated, flatbed, tank, etc.), commodities transported and/or industries served, sic classifications, SCAC codes, gross vehicle weight classes, whether maintenance performed at facility listed, TL or LTL, carrier safety indicators (CSA BASIC measures), and more. Also, insurance effective dates are provided, along with coverage for cargo, BI&PD, and bonds, if applicable.

FleetSeek screens lead you through individual or group fleet selection by carrier, city, county, state, DOT/MCN number, safety rating and date, total fleet, number of trucks, tractors, trailers, trailer types (vans, flatbeds, etc.), carrier type, GVW, SIC code, and insurance. Sort selections allow you to list carriers alphabetically, from largest to smallest, by state, and other various ways. Pricing options include downloading capabilities or the search/print function only.

For more details on each of the FleetSeek products, visit Directory Databases elsewhere on this site, or call 1-888-665-9887 or click here to find out how it works. Join our more than 4,000 satisfied users.

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