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Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONEFaster than trains and much less expensive than planes, trucks are by far the most versatile and popular means of transportation utilized by businesses that ship goods throughout North America. When it comes to logistics, freight companies are at the heart of the North American economy. From agricultural goods, to paper products, to machinery and wholesale and retail products, motor carriers are responsible for transporting just about every item of business and consumers from point of production to final destination

FleetSeek Is for Suppliers and Customers of Motor Carriers


Trucking fleets abound in the United States and Canada, and, of course throughout the world. FleetSeek contains over 65,000 of the most significant motor carriers in North America. Because motor carriers as a whole are responsible for so many different types of shipments, these businesses are definitely a diverse group with varying specialties and needs. Some companies never travel more than 50 miles from their headquarters, while others will transport goods from northern Canada all the way down to southern Mexico.

While the majority of North American business sectors rely on the trucking industry each and every day, motor carriers have their own needs that must be fulfilled. Without trucking insurance companies, the operational liabilities associated with running a freight business would be far too great for many small business owners to even consider entering the field. Without an abundance of original equipment manufacturers, trucking companies would have fewer and more expensive vehicles to choose from.

Regardless of whether your company relies on motor carriers, or supplies them with essential products and services, or both, it is always beneficial to have an extensive and accurate list of contacts within the industry. We build and maintain the most respected and useful database of motor carriers in North America under the umbrella called FleetSeek. FleetSeek powers four databases, that together contain about 200,000 comprehensive listings of trucking operations, all of which can be filtered and sorted to meet your business needs. Each is a fully customizable database of trucking intelligence that can be invaluable to any company that regularly works with motor carriers, private fleets or owner-operators.

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