GAIN Clean Fuel, Fast Flow CNG partner

GAIN Clean Fuel, a brand of U.S. Gain, is partnering with FastFlow CNG, a division of Independence Fuel Systems (IFS), to locate three GAIN Clean Fuel compressed natural gas stations (CNG) in Texas.

Two of the GAIN stations will be co-located with existing Fast Flow CNG facilities, one along Interstate 20 in Longview and the other on Highway 59 in Carthage. The third GAIN Clean Fuel/Fast Flow CNG co-location is under construction along Interstate 45 in Centerville. It is expected to be open in late June.

 “We’re thrilled to partner with such a well-established and trusted CNG provider in the region,” said U.S. Gain general manager Bill Renz. “These three locations will support major trucking routes that connect Dallas, Houston and Shreveport, along with multiple other routes throughout the rest of the country, and will provide significant advantages to the carriers we serve.”

This region of Texas is particularly important as a major transportation route for the shipping industry and as a significant east-west route for carriers hauling commerce between major southern cities, the company said.

 “This is an exciting opportunity for us to further our mission of helping build America’s energy independence by providing high quality CNG stations,” said IFS marketing director Matt Russell. “We’re proud to have Fast Flow CNG serve this region and look forward to the additional opportunities that come with partnering with an internationally-recognized brand to continue building on our mission. Together we can continue to encourage carriers to convert to CNG.”

The three sites will be included in GAIN Clean Fuel’s North American infrastructure of CNG stations. “Continually building the GAIN Clean Fuel CNG network will help encourage more carriers to make the conversion to CNG with the confidence that an affordable, cleaner burner alternative to diesel fuel is available along these routes,” according to the companies.  “These three locations will provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. They will also accept fleet cards for truck convenience and have proven reliability to ensure that fleets have a consistent fuel source. They are open for use by other fleets and the general public.”

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