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Trillium CNG selected to upgrade fleet’s fueling station

American Disposal Services recently chose compressed natural gas fueling facilities provider Trillium CNG to upgrade its fueling station.

The Virginia-based recycling and waste collection company has been using compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks for four years. The upgrades Trillium provides will allow American Disposal Services to double the number of CNG fleets by increasing the number of trucks that can simultaneously fuel, the company noted.

Trillium’s managing director Bill Cashmareck said while using CNG is not a new concept for fleet managers, it has gained increasing support. He looks forward to partnerships, like with  American Disposal Services, to facilitate improvements and expansions.

“CNG has been a popular choice among refuse fleet managers for years,” Cashmareck said. “American Disposal Services is following a clear trend in the waste services industry to expand natural gas fleet operations for a variety of reasons, including cost stability.”

According to the company, Trillium’s upgrades will affect roughly 60 vehicles, adding 31 time-fill hoses and renovating system controls programming.

American Disposal Services general manager Kevin Edwards said the CNG conversion and the choice to use Trillium was an important decision. Both construction and daily maintenance are key factors in the overall growth process, he noted. Trillium has worked with American Disposal Services since 2014.

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