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Mitsubishi Fuso rolls out medium-duty FG cabover modelAccording to Mitsubishi Trucks of America, its new Mitsubishi Fuso FG is the only medium-duty cabover with 4-wheel drive available in the U.S.The truck is engineered for use in off-road and minimal-traction situations, such as driving in mud, gravel, and snow. Suggested applications include construction, power and cable maintenance, forestry, and

Mitsubishi Fuso rolls out medium-duty FG cabover model

According to Mitsubishi Trucks of America, its new Mitsubishi Fuso FG is the only medium-duty cabover with 4-wheel drive available in the U.S.

The truck is engineered for use in off-road and minimal-traction situations, such as driving in mud, gravel, and snow. Suggested applications include construction, power and cable maintenance, forestry, and road maintenance, as well as fire/rescue, dry and reefer freight, vehicle recovery, and landscaping

The FG is engineered with 9 in. of ground clearance. It is available in two wheelbases, 109.4 in. and 133.1 in., and can accommodate bodies from 10- to 14-ft. long. Its maximum GVW rating is 12,000 lb. Payload capacity extends up to 6,590 lb.

The Class 3 truck is powered by an inline 4, direct-injection turbodiesel putting out 135 hp. at 3,000 rpm. Power is transmitted through a 5-speed manual. Standard features include all-steel cab, high-capacity, full-floating axles, heavy-duty shocks at each wheel, premium radial tires, one-piece disc wheels, and exhaust retarder. The transmission case is configured to accept a power takeoff.

Neway Anchorlok International has introduced a tandem air-ride slider suspension that is a redesign of its RLSA model. Called NewLite, the suspension/slide package weighs 230 lb. less than a comparable RLSA.

The new unit, which carries a 500,000-mi. warranty, is available in a gross tandem-axle capacity of 38,000 lb. (a 45,000-lb.-rated version will be available shortly).

Like RLSA, the NewLite is a trailing-arm design that relies on crossmembers for strength and rigidity. The new suspension is a low-profile design, however, reducing slider-box height by 2 in. The suspension features the maker's two-pin bushing design for greater vehicle roll stability. According to project manager Greg Galazin, the fore-and-aft spring rate of Neway bushings is twice that of the leading competition, and should provide users with improved vehicle tracking and longer tire life.

The NewLite suspension is also easier for fleet technicians to maintain, Galazin adds. The EZ Align non-welded axle-alignment feature has been incorporated. "This allows one person to make axle adjustments," he points out.

The suspension maker says that NewLite packages come fully prepped for the EDL dock-walk deterrent system. Models are available in two slider-box lengths, 84 (with bolt-on extensions available to facilitate mud flap mounting) and 100 in. The lightweight trailer air ride comes in 42- and 48-in. widths.

Hendrickson Auxiliary Axle Systems has redesigned its HLM Air Lift Series for refuse haulers and dump truck operators. Now designated the HLM-2 Series, the lift axle features a new beam that yields a weight savings of about 20 lb./axle on truck and trailer applications.

According to product manager Tim DeCesaro, the lighter weight beam was achieved through the manufacturing and materials expertise engineered into Hendrickson's HT Series air suspensions. The HLM-2, which occupies only 26.13 in. from front of hanger to center of axle, accommodates 9.5 in. of axle travel. The unit is made with the Quick-Align feature that helps users reduce maintenance time and tire cost per mile.

A tri-functional bushing is built into the HLM-2 that helps prolong equipment through better absorption of vertical and horizontal forces from braking, acceleration, and uneven road surfaces.

Thermo King CD MAX uses chlorine-free refrigerant.

Thermo King's new Model CD MAX reefer unit was specifically developed to provide economical cooling for small- to medium-sized truck bodies.

According to product manager Steve Stucky, the unit uses chlorine-free R-404a, "the new standard in environmentally friendly refrigerants."

A front-mount design, the CD MAX features a space-saving condenser, a "cubesaver" evaporator, and a "clean and silent" Model TK 2.49 diesel engine. Cooling capacity is rated 10,000 Btu/hr. at 35 deg on engine power; and 7,500 Btu/hr. at 35 deg on electric standby.

The low-profile condenser allows for maximum cab clearance and reduced body height while the evaporator allows more space inside for cargo. The unit's lightweight aluminum frame also helps maximize payload.

Contributing to CD MAX's cost-effective operation, according to Stucky, is the Thermoguard V microprocessor-based controller that simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting.

Corrosion resistance is achieved by alkyd-enamel coated aluminum frames and exterior panels; stainless steel condenser exterior and evaporator hardware; and coated refrigerant tubing.

Other standard features are 37-amp, 12-volt DC alternator, oil-bath air cleaner, spin-on fuel filter, and full-flow air filter. Protection devices include shutdowns for engine high coolant temperature and low oil pressure, as well as refrigerant high pressure. There is also a refrigerant high-pressure relief valve, a 12V circuit breaker, and two breakers in the control circuit.

Firestone's latest entry in the trailer tire market is a five-rib, shallow skid-depth over-the-road radial intended for all-position use.

The Firestone FT455 has a smooth shoulder design that is said to better resist curbing damage, as well as shoulder edge sipes that minimize shoulder step-down wear. Wet traction is improved through a groove design that helps channel away water. The FT455 is made with a durable casing that can be retreaded for use in drive axle positions.

Four sizes are offered: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5, and 285/ 75R24.5. A replacement for the T545, Firestone recommends the FT455 for use on trailers, tag axles, converter dollies, and very light steer-axle applications.

The Air Top 3500 is the latest addition to Webasto Thermosystems' line of sleeper heaters.

Designed to reduce power consumption, the high-output 3500 is geared specifically for the roomier double bunk and extended tall sleepers. With an integrated thermostat and variable (smooth) heat output ranging from 5,100 to 12,000 Btu/hr., the unit can keep larger spaces warm even in extreme cold. According to Webasto, noise levels are low, which means better resting conditions for drivers.

The Air Top 3500 includes the following features: minimal power consumption (6.7 amps to start; 1-3 amps during variable heat output); low fuel consumption (0.11gal./hr. maximum); compact size (13.2 lb., 16.7x5.8x5.8 in.); and improved diagnostic system (greater access to unit's operations and performance history).

Thanks to more efficient design, the Air Top 3500 not only generates more heat than an Air Top 32S, but does so with 20 fewer parts.

For fleets hauling cold-sensitive cargo, Webasto has joined forces with Cube Manufacturing to produce the Heat Cube 1, a self-contained, diesel-operated cargo heater. The unit, which is available from both companies, has a 44-gal. steel tank and weighs 270 lb. A 175-lb., 25-gal. tank is also available. Heat Cube 1 can be removed from the trailer during warm weather.

Conoco has converted many of its existing lubricants to a hydrocracked process. The new line is being marketed under the brand name Hydroclear.

Products now available for truck applications include Hydroclear Power-D engine oil, Power-D Xtra engine oil, PowerDrive fluid, and PowerTran fluid.

According to Roger Leveque, manager-lubricants marketing, the Hydroclear line is an alternative to solvent- and synthetic-based lubes, offering better equipment protection, reduced lube consumption, less maintenance, and extended drain intervals.

"The superior oxidation, low volatility, and low-temperature pumpability of Hydroclear products," said Leveque, "results in less engine deposits and better pumpability for extended lube intervals. Superior viscosity control lowers lubricant consumption, and there is also less corrosion and less wear on cold starts with Hydroclear lubes."

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