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New model 357 offering takes aim at the construction market.Peterbilt Motors has a new entry in its construction lineup -- a 111-in.-BBC Model 357 that offers a dramatically sloped hood to boost driver visibility, and a new fender design to make maintenance and repairs easier.Peterbilt achieved an 11-deg. slope on the fiberglass hood by relocating the surge tank from the radiator to the firewall.

New model 357 offering takes aim at the construction market.

Peterbilt Motors has a new entry in its construction lineup -- a 111-in.-BBC Model 357 that offers a dramatically sloped hood to boost driver visibility, and a new fender design to make maintenance and repairs easier.

Peterbilt achieved an 11-deg. slope on the fiberglass hood by relocating the surge tank from the radiator to the firewall. A new contoured, polished aluminum hood crown accents the styling; a stainless steel grille provides a handsome design element and protection for the radiator.

According to Nick Panza, Peterbilt's general manager, the newest 357 results directly from customer input. "Construction sites are often very congested with traffic and equipment. By improving visibility, we help reduce the potential for accidents."

In the event of a mishap, the 357's double-walled aluminum fenders provide added protection. The new fenders are also easily detachable, allowing full access to the hood for repairs, according to Bob Morrison, the company's chief engineer. He also pointed out that pod-mounted headlights remain intact even when a fender gets damaged, allowing the truck to continue to operate. The unit will be available in the fourth quarter of 1997.

In other news, the company announced the availability of the Rockwell Wabco Vehicle Control Systems antilock braking system for its medium-duty Model 330. Peterbilt also introduced ServiceNet, a CD-ROM software program designed to provide its dealers with access to a variety of service information, including maintenance manuals and wiring diagrams.

Stoughton chassis Stoughton Trailers has introduced a new container chassis with a convertible gooseneck that allows the user to haul either high-cube 110-in. or standard 107-in. containers. The adjustable height design can be applied to chassis with either fixed or extendible lengths.

To make the adjustment, the user needs to rotate two levers on the front of the chassis. The convertible gooseneck moves between a 3 1/4-in. height for high-cube containers and a 4 3/4-in. height for standard sizes.

Fleetguard introduces fuel filtration system Fleetguard Inc. introduced a coolant-warmed fuel-filtration and conditioning system that meets or exceeds the 8- to 13-micron specs issued by the major domestic engine makers to protect injectors from wear.

The FS1010 remote mount fuel conditioning system contains StrataPore, a layered-type media that provides depth and surface filtration. With its top-load design, the system eliminates the need to drain or prime the fuel system after an element change.

Designed for mounting close to the engine, it is constructed with a clear housing and bowl that enables drivers to view the condition of the fuel and the filter element. An optional electric heater is available that can warm fuel in the filter housing to make engine starting easier in cold weather.

Two new trailer braking systems require fewer parts and fewer steps to install.

Two new trailer antilock braking systems from Rockwell Wabco Vehicle Control Systems were designed to offer simplified installation for lower cost. The new systems -- the Easy-Stop 2100 basic and Easy-Stop 4300 -- will be available this month through major trailer makers.

"Both new systems were developed to simplify installation by reducing the number of parts and installation steps, thus lowering overall cost and maintenance," said Leonard Buckman, president and general manager of Rockwell Wabco.

The Easy-Stop 2100 Basic is a two-sensor, one-ABS relay valve configuration that meets the minimum federal ABS requirements for semitrailers. Applications include single- and tandem-axle trailers, as well as converter dollies. While this system will provide increased stability, according to Rockwell, it does not provide as much protection against flatspotting tires as units with additional sensors and relay valves.

The Easy-Stop 4300 is a four-sensor, three-ABS relay valve design boasting one instead of two ECUs. According to the manufacturer, integrating the system into a single ECU significantly reduces its cost and eliminates several components, which increases reliability and eases maintenance. Rockwell stated that the 4300 model provides optimal stability and maximum tire life. It is recommended for tri-axle vehicles with axle spacing of over 60 in., as well as for full trailers.

All Easy-Stop configurations now feature an integrated "blink code" LED mounted directly on the ECU housing. The 2100 model eliminates the diagnostic cable, reducing overall cost, and lets technicians diagnose the system by reading the codes blinked by the unit. By using a remote-mounted LED tool, diagnostics can be performed from virtually any spot on the trailer. An external diagnostic cable is optional.

On the 4300 version, diagnostic codes are embossed on the ECU/valve housing. According to Rockwell, this enables technicians to identify components needing service without using a reference guide or maintenance manual.

GNB Technologies has developed a new maintenance-free battery line that can survive in the high-vibration environment frequently encountered by shorthaul, construction, and agricultural fleets.

According to GNB, the Champion PC 31 batteries' silver-calcium alloy plates are anchored in polypropylene for extra stability, and isolated with durable polyethylene separators. Cases are made of a rugged plastic called Duratex.

The batteries come in three CCA ratings -- 650, 750, and 925 -- and have three hours of reserve capacity. Unlike many other maintenance-free batteries, the PC 31 series allows the user to add water in the event of an on-board overcharge condition that causes electrolyte gassing. GNB claims that Champion PC 31s have a longer shelf life and require less recharging time than conventional calcium batteries.

Fontaine Trailer's newest Double Drop trailer, Model DDRGT, features a mechanically removable gooseneck to make equipment loading and unloading easier. Tie-down bars are used to secure outrigger boards to main beam crossmembers, and joint plates have been fitted on both ends of the center boards to protect them during use. Boom trough, 45¡ bogie transition, and full-width load bearing front deck are standard. Flip 3rd axle, picture above, is optional.

Texaco Lubricants Co. has boosted the service longevity of its Extended Life Coolant/Anti-Freeze to 600,000 miles, doubling what was offered when the product was introduced four years ago. The protection capability was also doubled for off-highway applications to 12,000 hr./6 yr.

The extended life comes not as a result of any changes in the formulation of the coolant or extender packages, but of overly modest initial estimates of their ability to offer cooling system protection. During fleet tests on 150 heavy-duty vehicles over 50-million miles, not one cooling system had a coolant-related problem or suffered cavitation corrosion after 600,000 miles of service with Texaco's Extended Life Coolant.

"Feedback from our customers has been outstanding because extended life cooling system protection saves time and money by keeping engines in service longer," says Ron Moser, manager of coolants for Texaco.

The Texaco coolant system incorporates a patented carboxylate inhibitor technology that protects the engine from the six basic metal alloys found in most heat transfer systems. The absence of silicates, nitrates, borates, phosphates, amines, or other abrasive dissolved solids means that the Texaco system offers improved protection from cavitation, pitting, and corrosion. It also eliminates silicate gel and dropout, while cutting hard-water scale deposits.

The Extended Life Coolant/Anti-Freeze system, suitable for heavy-duty truck and stationary engine applications, consists of three products: a 50-50 mixture of coolant and deionized water; a concentrate for freeze-point adjustment; and a recharge package.

The system also eliminates the need for the addition of traditional supplemental coolant additives at 12,000- to 20,000-mile intervals. Instead, only one Texaco Extender addition is required at 300,000 miles.

LucasVarity Heavy Vehicle Braking Systems introduced the Dayton SteelLite X30, a brake drum for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, tractors, and trailers.

Produced in a SpinCast process, the drum consists of a permanently fused gray-iron liner and one-piece exterior steel shell. This technique is said to produce a brake surface that is less vulnerable to fragmentation. In the event of breakage, the X30's shell is said to prevent flak from littering the highway.

According to the manufacturer, in tractor-trailer use the SteelLite X30 offers a 200-lb. weight savings over standard full cast-iron drums.

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