CVSA, FMSCA align conferences

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is holding the CVSA Annual Conference together with the FMCSA Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Leadership Conference

The CVSA Annual Conference and the FMCSA Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Leadership Conference are both under way in Atlanta until March 30 to discuss issues related to commercial vehicle safety.

“Coordinating our conferences sends a clear message to the [trucking] community that our organizations are committed to work more closely to improve state, provincial and federal efforts to save lives on our highways,” said CVSA executive director Stephen Campbell. “It’s also an opportunity to create a better forum for discussing the return on the investments granted by the U.S. Congress and state and provincial legislatures for the best use of our tax dollars.”

Subjects being covered by the jointly held CVSA and FMCSA conferences include:

  • Safety issues such as cargo securement harmonization, disc brake and ABS technologies, and wheel bearing seal leakage;
  • Security issues such as Corporate Security Reviews, training, the Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) and REAL ID Act, cargo seals and vehicle disabling technologies;
  • Driver-related issues such as electronic on board recorders, CDLIS/NLETS integration, speed and speed limiters, hours of service, traffic enforcement and safety belt initiatives;
  • Technology initiatives related to next generation vehicle and infrastructure based technology programs, and information systems related to roadside inspections.

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