Caterpillar Grant Cleans School Buses

Caterpillar Inc. and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have announced the recipients of a grant program, known as EPA’s Clean School Bus USA initiative, designed to lower diesel emissions from over 240 school buses nationwide. Caterpillar has donated $250,000 toward the effort.

The grant recipients include District 150 in Peoria, IL, four school districts in Ellis County, TX, and the Tucson, AZ, Unified School District.

The EPA initiative was launched in 2003 to help school districts either replace older buses with newer models or install emissions control devices on existing buses. Caterpillar announced its support for the program in April 2003.

“I commend Caterpillar for their leadership in reducing diesel emissions and for their commitment to helping school districts implement solutions that will make the air cleaner for the more than 24-million children making the trip to school and back home on buses each day,” said EPA administrator Mike Leavitt.

For more information about the grant contact EPA at 734-214-4780.

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