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Schneider Stretches Military Benefits

Truckload carrier Schneider National is extending differential pay and benefits from six to 18 months for employees called to active duty by the National Guard, as well as military reservists. This includes medical, dental, and retirement benefits.

The Green Bay, WI-based carrier is guaranteeing all employees called for military service their jobs upon their return from active duty. Additionally, Schneider is providing support to their families during their absence.

“By extending benefits and providing differential pay for a full 18 months, Schneider alleviates the financial burden that many service personnel and their families face when reservists are called to active duty,” said Dan Ammerman, a senior financial analyst at Schneider and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves.

“This will help employees that are serving their country in the military to focus on military duties without worrying about financial strains and the additional turbulence of changing medical care providers for our families during our absence,” he said.

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