Peterbilt to Offer Cat C15 Engines

Peterbilt has announced its Model 379-127” and Model 379X will now optionally offer the Caterpillar C15 engine rated at 600 or 625 hp. When Peterbilt begins manufacturing trucks with the C15 in September, it will be the first OEM to produce units with that configuration, the OEM said.

The trucks configured with the powerful C15 engines are expected to appeal to the long-haul and heavy-haul markets, said Bruce Ewald, Peterbilt assistant gm— sales and marketing.

“There is a great deal of market demand for high-horsepower engines, and we’re fortunate to be in a position where we can first meet that demand and provide customers with this popular rating,” Ewald said.

Peterbilt also said Allison automatic transmissions are now available with all heavy-duty Cummins and Caterpillar engines for Peterbilt Models 379, 385, 378, and 357.

“Increasingly, customers from both vocational and over-the-road markets are spec’ing automatic transmissions, and this expanded lineup of compatible engine options will hold an even greater appeal,” said Ewald.

Here are some additional announcements made by Peterbilt:

  • The two-pedal automated Eaton UltraShift transmission is now available with the Model 335 medium-duty truck
  • Wide Ride seats by Bostrom Seating are now available for all heavy-duty Peterbilt conventional trucks and tractors
  • Premium DuPont Imron Elite Commercial Finishes are now standard on medium- and heavy-duty Peterbilt trucks, offering an improved, longer-lasting finish
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