Terion Targets Refrigerated Market

Terion has announced launching a trailer management system that combines advanced wireless and GPS technologies with a web-based application, for refrigerated trailers— the FleetView 3R.

FleetView 3R features include:

  • exceeds the SAE-J1455 and NEMA 4 independent standards, allowing it to function in harsh environments;
  • system upgrades can be performed wirelessly, helping to reduce downtime;
  • uses a CDMA wireless network, and is able to switch from 1XRTT, SMS, and circuit switched digital service with AMPS cellular capability;
  • installs inside the refrigerated cabinet, even while the trailer is loaded in most cases.

    “Fleetview 3R was developed with significant input from our current and prospective customers to ensure that it delivers the return on investment and security benefits mandated by refrigerated carriers,” said Ken Cranston, Terion president & CEO.

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