Castrol's Hypuron CJ-4-ready

An air-suspended seat with an especially flat suspension unit has been added to Knoedler Manufacturers’ Air Chief line

BP Lubricants has reformulated its Castrol Hypuron S heavy-duty engine oil to meet API CJ-4 standards. Known as Hypuron, the new high-performance, semi-synthetic product provides the "robust" detergency needed to neutralize higher acid levels, according to the company.

With its high total base number (TBN) and low-ash content, BP says the new formulation "minimizes oil consumption, reduces piston deposit formation and increases oil film strength" and enables users to extend oil drain intervals.

In addition to API CJ-4, Castrol Hypuron meets the following specs: Caterpillar ECF-2; Cummins CES 20081; Detroit Diesel; Navistar International; Mack EO-O; and Volvo VDS-4.

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