CDT releases results of biodiesel test

Clean Diesel Technologies biodiesel emmisions test

Stamford, CT-based Clean Diesel Technologies (CDT) has posted the results of biodiesel fuel blend tests conducted by the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) of San Antonio, TX. It shows biodiesel fuel combined with CDT’s fuel-borne catalyst can reduce emissions of both particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Cleaner Burning Biodiesel fuel blends, in conjunction with its Platinum Plus fuel borne catalyst and a lightly catalyzed diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), cut PM emissions by 51% and NOx by 9% from diesel truck engines, according to CDT.

“This combination represents a reduction of over 100 lbs. per year of regulated pollutants from a typical school bus and over 200 lbs. per year for a local delivery vehicle,” said CDT president & COO James Valentine. “The most significant finding was the 9% reduction in NOx, as typical biodiesel blends actually increase NOx emissions by 2% to 4%.”

The tests were conducted using a 1995 Navistar DT-466 engine typically used in school buses, beverage and local delivery service fleets.

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