CityHome takes on new partners

CityHome takes on new partners

The Financial Times unveiled the first in a series of newspaper advertisements to promote clean air through the use of O2Diesel, an ethanol-diesel fuel blend, in municipal transit buses as part of its sponsorship of CityHome, a national clean air initiative.

CityHome launched programs in Lincoln, NE, and Johnson County, Kansas City, KS, last month. These initiatives involve partnerships between municipal transit systems, O2Diesel and corporate sponsors whose contributions help offset the program costs to the transit operators.

Financial Times’ support for CityHome began last week through the first of several full-page ads that will extend through June 2005. “CityHome is doing important, ground-breaking work for the betterment of our environment,” said Elissa Tomasetti, vp of marketing for Financial Times. “FT is proud to be a sponsor.”

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