CompuNet renamed First Advantage

CompuNet renamed First Advantage

Florida-based First Advantage Corp.-- a provider of employment background screening, drug-free workplace programs, corporate tax consulting, and other services-- has changed the name of its trucking industry credit reporting subsidiary, CompuNet Credit Services, Inc., to First Advantage.

According to the company, this business unit will now align with the Transportation Services division of First Advantage Corp. By changing its name to First Advantage, CompuNet Credit’s broker/shipper credit reporting services will now be marketed as part of a vertical line of trucking-related services that also includes comprehensive motor vehicle record reporting and fleet management.

First Advantage Corp. also announced that it is bringing other various business-to-business companies together under a master brand strategy using the First Advantage name with a newly created logo. Business-to-business subsidiaries are now aligned among eight divisions, including: Employment Screening Services, Tax Consulting Services, Intelligence and Technology Services, Investigative Services, Supply Chain Security Services, SafeRent Services and Government Services in addition to the Transportation Services division.

Information about First Advantage’s trucking industry services can be found at A corporate video introducing the new brand and strategy is also available at

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