Maddocks says 2002 was successful

Maddocks says 2002 was successful

Maddocks Systems Inc. said it had a record year for new sales of its TruckMate for Windows (TM4Win) software package. TM4Win was selected by 80 transportation companies throughout the U.S. and Canada during 2002, which Maddocks said males it the industry's top-selling program.

"Successful trucking fleets now demand a complete package from software providers," said Maddocks president Bob Maddocks. "We can attribute much of our growth this year to our growing reputation throughout the industry as a company that exceeds all of these expectations."

Maddocks said its new TruckMate clients represent more than 7,500 power units. He added that many of the new clients also operate extensive logistics and warehousing divisions that are also managed from within the TM4Win package.

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