“Green fleet” pilot program launched

Sparks, MD-based fleet management firm PHH Arval is launching a “green” initiative in conjunction with national non-profit firm Environmental Defense to help commercial fleets reduce pollution and save money at the same time.

Called “PHH GreenFleet,” the program is designed to give fleets financial and environmental performance tools. The concept is simple, explained George Kilroy, president & CEO of PHH Arval: burning a gallon of fuel creates greenhouse gas emissions and costs money, so cutting consumption reduces pollution and fuel costs.

“The millions of fleet vehicles on the road in North America are critical for commerce and economic development, but they also impact the environment through oil and gas consumption and greenhouse gas pollution,” he added. “We want to help our clients measure and reduce these impacts, while improving their bottom line.”

Kilroy noted that PHH’s program intends to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption by clients via in-depth vehicle usage analysis and fleet consultation.
  • Measure greenhouse gas emissions and report on environmental improvements over time.
  • Offset remaining emissions via identification and purchase of credible greenhouse gas offsets.

    “With this new program from PHH, we hope to develop a new leadership practice in fleet management by demonstrating that fleets can cost-effectively reduce emissions by improving efficiency, purchasing carbon offsets, and using other innovative pollution-reducing tools,” added Tom Murray, project manager at Environmental Defense.

    He noted that the two firms formed a strategic partnership in 2005 to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while producing business benefits for commercial fleets.

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