New anti-theft system for trucks and cargo

Magtec passive truck anti-theft system

Magtec Products, Inc. recently introduced an enhanced passive anti-theft system designed to prevent vehicle theft by shutting the engine down if an unauthorized person attempts to move or tamper with the truck. Integrated into the vehicle’s electrical system, the Magtec M5K and M5K-SC (Satcomm) units interrupt critical run-circuits if the Magtec detects operating irregularities, such as an attempt to hot wire or attempts to enter the incorrect operator code into a keypad.

“The system is passive because it is automatically activated every time the engine is shut down,” explains Tom Garner, Magtec’s director of corporate sales (Western Region) and law enforcement liaison. Magtec’s product line includes key operated as well as keyless (touchpad) models. Both systems are designed to prevent the unauthorized operation of the vehicle, even if it is left idling. Should an unauthorized person attempt to drive it away, the system will automatically shut down the engine and go to a ‘lock-out’ mode until the authorized driver returns to operate it, notes Garner. With the optional Satcomm access, a truck can be placed in a ‘lock-out’ mode, remotely from the carrier’s office.

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