Malone offers diagnostic system to truckers

Malone offers diagnostic system to truckers

TAMPA, FL – Since 1982, Malone Specialty Inc. is planning to offer its CV-Marc (Commercial Vehicle Management & Reporting Center) diagnostic system directly to truck users.

“Our system works on trucks powered by diesel, gasoline, even propane engines, and is designed to improve their operating economy,” said Don Malone, founder and president, here at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting. “It can work on any truck Class 3 through 8 and can be retrofitted back to 1999 models.”

Malone said the mid-range delivery trucks are the biggest market for the CV-Marc, where the driver’s primary job isn’t driving. “The system can be programmed to meet a variety of customer needs, from shutting down the truck to curb excessive idling to recording and reporting a variety of data, from oil pressure and cooling level to even temperature levels in refrigerated bodies,” he said.

The CV-Marc system boasts a substantial memory, able to record 100 major faults and 18 minor faults -- typically a year’s work of truck incident data – before it’s full, Malone said.

He noted the system is designed to detect oil pressure failures, excessive engine idling, and other vehicle operating issues.

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