Hitchhiking trailer video

Power Linx camera wiring and harness system

TAMPA, FL – Power Linx is taking aim at fleets wanting rear- and side-view camera systems installed on their tractor-trailers, refuse trucks, and other oversize equipment with the wiring and harnesses necessary to link the cameras to view screens in the cab. To address this, the company is readying its PLVS Rear Vision System for fleets in the U.S.

“What we do is run the video signal on top of the copper line installed on the vehicle as part of its lighting or antilock braking system,” James Markus, director of sales and marketing for Power Linx, told Fleet Owner here at the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting.

“As a result, no wiring is needed to connect the cameras with the video screen in the cab,” he explained. “We can provide a rear-view only, side-view only, or rear and one side viewing system with our product. The real key is that we use a conduit already in place to transmit the signals, so the install time is about half of one that needs its own wiring harness, without all the maintenance issues that occur with wiring down the road.”

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