Prime sponsoring Highway Watch training

Prime sponsors Highway Watch

Springfield, MO-based refrigerated carrier Prime is assisting the Missouri Motor Carriers in distributing a new audio CD to help train drivers on how to take part in the industry-government Highway Watch security program.

Funded by a $42-million grant from the federal government and managed by the American Trucking Associations, Highway Watch is an effort to tap in to the skills, experiences and “road smarts” of truck drivers and other transportation workers to recognize potential safety and security threats, and report them to law enforcement.

Robert Low, president of Prime, said having Highway Watch training in an audio format could decrease the time needed to get over-the-road truck drivers up to speed. “Drivers can now be trained as they do their jobs instead of waiting weeks to schedule and participate in an instructor-delivered seminar,” he explained.

“Prime and its drivers are already active participants in the Highway Watch program,” added John Hancock, the carrier’s director of training and driver recruitment. “But it is just as important for us to encourage others who regularly travel the nation’s roadways to take advantage of this unique training.”

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