Caterpillar, UAW Endorse Tentative Agreement

Caterpillar, UAW Endorse Tentative Agreement

Caterpillar and UAW reach tentative labor agreement

After months of working without a contract, the UAW and Caterpillar have reached a tentative six-year labor agreement to cover over 9,000 employees in Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. A ratification vote is scheduled among UAW members on January 8 and 9.

Caterpillar said the contract addresses ages, cash and benefit gains for both active and retired employees.

“We’re pleased to have reached a very fair and reasonable tentative agreement— one that both the union and the company believe is worthy of our employees’ support,” said Chris Glynn, Caterpillar director of labor relations.

“We faced some complex issues over the past year, and through comprehensive discussions with the union have developed solutions that respond to the current and future needs of our employees and retirees while also enabling the company’s long-term competitiveness from our traditional manufacturing and logistics facilities.”

“It’s been a lengthy and difficult set of negotiations, but thanks to the solidarity of our members, we were finally able to obtain an agreement we can recommend for ratification,” said UAW vp Cal Rapson.

“The [central bargaining committee] faced many difficult decisions and made them with the members’ best interests in mind,” said Dennis Williams, UAW director of Region 4, which is where most of Caterpillar’s UAW-represented facilities are located.

If ratified, the new contract would expire on March 1, 2011.

For previous coverage, see Caterpillar-Union Standoff Continues and UAW Members Reject Caterpillar Offer.

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