Transcore Launches Load Payment Guarantee

Transcore load match service guarantees payment

Transcore, a freight-matching service provider, has added a free feature that ensures payment for loads that are delivered through its DAT Partners service. The added service is designed to address debt collection concerns on load boards by ensuring a pre-screened qualified broker network.

Carriers with an active DAT Partners subscription are eligible to participate at no extra cost. The carrier must register the load with DAT Assurance and provide proof-of-delivery documentation if the freight payment is not received. Transcore would work with the carrier in this case to recover the debt for 120 days. Carriers would receive 70% of the invoice if the debt is collected, otherwise the carrier would receive a $300 credit on their DAT Partners subscription.

Transcore said 72% of small to mid-size carriers don’t attempt to collect outstanding debt. Therefore, this feature further legitimizes the matching service to this market, Transcore said.

“Taking the risk out of doing business with a broker you don’t know sets Transcore apart from its competitors,” said Keith Gibson, president of Integrity Logistics.

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