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TSA funds expanded wireless security project

TSA funds expanded wireless security project

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has increased funding for phase two of a wireless vehicle security program at the Jacksonville, FL, seaport (JAXPORT) that has been set up to track commercial vehicles operating in and around the port.

The Wireless Asset Net fleet management system, developed by I.D. Systems, Hackensack, NJ, will be installed on several hundred additional vehicles at JAXPORT-- at a cost of about $870,000.

The homeland security version of I.D. Systems’ Wireless Asset Net is designed to prevent security breaches involving ground vehicles at airports and seaports. Features include wireless access control, location tracking, geo-fencing, remote vehicle disabling, as well as fleet utilization analysis, maintenance management and safety enforcement tools.

The JAXPORT project also uses a complex radio frequency infrastructure compatible with the demanding technical requirements of large multi-stakeholder environments such as airports and seaports, the company said.

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