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Vanguard adds composite plate

Vanguard National Trailer Corp. has rolled out its new VXP composite plate trailer

Vanguard National Trailer Corp. has rolled out its new VXP composite plate trailer. If damaged, said Vanguard, the composite panels may be removed and replaced without affecting adjacent panels and no special shop tools are required.

According to the trailer maker, composite sidewalls consisting of panels that sandwich a HDPE foamed plastic core between two galvanized steel cover sheets provide strength and durability against abrasion and damage. In addition, rust-preventive primer and polyester finish coats are baked on the cover sheets for added longevity.

Along with the trailer itself carrying Vanguard’s standard warranty, the composite panels are protected by a 10-year warranty. Vanguard said the composite plates are joined by steel posts paired with galvanized internal posts with log slots. Smooth, rounded rivet heads provide a snag-free interior sidewall, and the posts on 48-in. centers provide “vertical logistic availability” for the full length of the trailer.”

Vanguard pointed out that many specs typically considered as premium come standard on the VXP composite plate trailer and were chosen “to add years of useful trailer life while maintaining a superior cosmetic appearance.”

These include:

  • Extensive galvanizing
  • One-piece, extruded aluminum top front rail
  • Welded-steel gussets on every other crossmember
  • All LED lights, both California- and Canada-legal

    Production of the new trailer will begin this July in Vanguard’s Indiana manufacturing plants.

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