NAFA releases Fleet Information Management Guide

June 13, 2014

NAFA has published a fleet management guide that features a thorough review of the fundamentals of fleet information management, including fleet information management systems.

The Fleet Information Management Guide also reviews fleet system selection and technology options to consider.

“Data and data management are critical to successfully maintaining a fleet. In order to run all-important lifecycle analyses, you need to collect and maintain all the data generated by your processes,” said NAFA Chief Executive Officer Phillip Russo, CAE. “NAFA’s Fleet Information Management Guide is the effort of hundreds of volunteer hours from a team of fleet management experts and veteran fleet professionals. It will provide clarity for fleet professionals in an aspect of fleet management that is very complex.”

The guide also:

  • Reviews the selection and acquisition of a commercial off the shelf (COTS) fleet information management system using the request for proposal process
  • Examines important implementation items including project team formation, project management plan, project phases, and training
  • Describes key functions and modules, such as lifecycle management, fuel management, and maintenance and repair
  • Explores telematics functions and uses, the current state of telematics technology, and applications in the fleet marketplace
  • Highlights data management and system administration, including data collection, data standards, data integrity, and system administration
  • Illustrates the importance of fleet business analytics and reporting, as it explores key fleet performance indicators, reporting, and data analysis methods
  • Provides useful tips to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, as well as “data analysis paralysis"
  • Numerous tables and charts included provide summarized information so you can compare the advantages and limitations of various fleet systems side by side. A detailed example of a FIMS request for proposal is also provided.

With NAFA’s Fleet Information Management Guide, fleet professionals can learn to:

  • Navigate with relative ease through the myriad of technology options, configurations, and jargon
  • Provide key selection criteria and evaluate responses to your RFP
  • Become better versed and equipped to speak with IT, purchasing/procurement, and upper management
  • Avoid “data analysis paralysis”
  • Balance stakeholders’ expectations and provide the right level of information to key stakeholders

“This guide has been created through much time and effort, and the end result was worth every bit of it,” Russo said. “I believe NAFA’s Fleet Information Management Guide will be instructive and helpful to fleet managers at every stage of their career.”

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