Oakley Transport earns ISO certifications

Oakley Transport, Inc. announced it has become the first liquid food grade transportation to acquire International Standards Organization (ISO) certifications 9001:2015 and 22000:20005.

“ISO certifies that a management system or manufacturing process/service meets all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance,” the company noted. “The seal of approval is given after an organization proves it is compliant with the conditions of the chosen ISO system. Oakley Transport recently received two derivative certifications of ISO 9000 (QMS), ISO 9001:2015, a standard for superior management systems, and ISO 22000:2005, a standard for food safety management systems. Both confirm Oakley’s consistency in products and services and their ability to meet and exceed customer and regulatory requirements.”

“Achieving ISO certification symbolizes our determination to be the best in the industry,” Allen Warner, Oakley Transport’s quality director, said. “It establishes a baseline performance level that we are all committed towards and sets Oakley apart from our competitors.”

“Oakley Transport has redefined excellence in the food transportation industry” Thomas Oakley, founder and owner of Oakley Transport, said. “ISO certification reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction, food safety and the integrity of our customers’ product. We have raised the bar for the entire industry and that is something of which we are very proud.” 

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