ATDynamics offers alternative versions of TrailerTail

ATDynamics offers alternative versions of TrailerTail

For customers looking for shorter rear-drag aerodynamic devices, or those who face length restrictions, ATDynamics, makers of the TrailerTail, is now offering alternative options of the technology.

Now being offered is the TrailerTail Trident 3x3, a lower-cost, three-sided, three-foot long version of the TrailerTail. Also available are custom solutions in lengths of less than three feet.

The company has also rebranded its original TrailerTail as the TrailerTail 4x4, a four-sided, four-foot long aerodynamic device.

“Based on current market demand and our expanded product line, we expect very few fleets whose trailers run over 25,000 mi. per year at highway speeds to order 2014 trailers without TrailerTails,” said Andrew Smith, CEO of ATDynamics.  “Over two dozen SAE tests, 14 independent wind tunnel tests and the on-road experience of over 250 North American fleets leave little question about whether semi-trailers should have aerodynamic tails.  The only question for fleet owners is which TrailerTail solution will deliver the maximum lifetime economic benefit based on their specific fleet operating profile.” 

The TrailerTail 4x4 remains the recommended option for long-haul operations concerned with obtaining maximum fuel efficiency. The TrailerTail Trident was designed as a high-efficiency alternative for fleets seeking a lower capital cost solution to semi-trailer suction drag. The Trident is estimated to deliver approximately 90% of the fuel savings benefit of the longer 4x4 and has no lower panel section, the company said.

Both the 2014 TrailerTail 4x4 and the Trident will be equipped with the ATDynamics standard EasyLatch system.  The EasyLatch system allows drivers to deploy and collapse TrailerTails with zero driver interaction while allowing stowage of the device if desired.  In addition, all TrailerTails are now shipped with notification decals placed above the trailer landing gear and on the front driver-side corner of the trailer to ensure that drivers are always aware when trailers are equipped with aerodynamic devices.

EasyInstall hardware systems will also be standard with 2014 TrailerTail technology.  Using specially designed templates, two people can install the TrailerTail 4x4 in under 45 minutes and the Trident in under 30 minutes on a dry van trailer.

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