Dual-fuel conversion system approved for Cummins ISX

A new dual-fuel conversion system from Skygo Fuel Systems has been approved for use with 2007-2009 Cummins ISX engines, the company said. According to Skygo, the EPA has given the green light to the system, which provides up to a 60% displacement of diesel fuel with natural gas, resulting in reduced emissions of up to 20%.

“You can’t tell it’s running on natural gas, the vehicle drives exactly the same as it did before the truck was converted,” said Michael Kilbourne, president of Skygo and the developer of the system.

The Skygo system substitutes natural gas for diesel with no loss of power or torque while in use, the company said.  Skygo is working on a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine application as well.

The system is being manufactured by AMBAC International in South Carolina.

“We are very excited about this technology, and our partnership with Skygo. The advantages this system provides to the transportation industry globally is great, and what’s even more phenomenal is how applicable the technology is to other heavy duty diesel applications,” said Robert Isherwood, vice president & director of product development for AMBAC International.

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