Expanded capabilities of Vista DPF CARB-approved

Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls has announced that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved an expansion of its previously verified Vista diesel particulate filter (DPF) to cover a broad range of 1993 and newer model year engines. In particular, the verified control group includes later model EGR and Caterpillar ACERT engines.

The CARB verification expansion allows the Vista unit to be installed on 1993-2010 model year engines from 2.7 to 13 liters having a power range of 100 to 450 hp.

The company said the Vista is verified as a CARB Level 3+ system, meaning it has successfully demonstrated diesel particulate matter (PM) emission reductions of greater than 85% while meeting the NO2 emission standard.

In addition, the Vista has passed stringent performance and reliability testing and is compliant with CARB verification requirements, which are also recognized by the US EPA, said Cleaire. The verification makes the Vista eligible for regulatory and incentive programs such as the CARB Fleet Rules, EPA DERA funding and Federal CMAQ programs.

“The expansion of the Vista control group demonstrates Cleaire’s commitment to developing and improving our innovative, reliable, and cost-effective diesel particulate filter (DPF) technology for the diesel engine retrofit market,” said Gale Plummer, CEO. “While passive DPF systems are a good fit for certain applications, the Vista can be more broadly applied and is more tolerant of engines that may be emitting at higher levels than when they were new.”

“Based on a patented off-line burner, the Vista provides a very reliable means to ensure the high levels of particulate matter captured by the filter are safely regenerated,” said Dr. Brad Edgar, president & CTO. “In addition to the engine group expansion including the newer EGR engines, we’ve incorporated some product refinements to improve the reliability, user friendliness, and to reduce power consumption. This active design is ideally suited for diesel engines operating with very cold duty cycles and/or highly variable duty cycles.”

Additionally, Cleaire said the Vista’s proprietary active regeneration system, compact size and state-of-the- art monitoring system make it an “excellent candidate for retrofitting a very broad range of trucks and buses, especially those with colder or variable duty cycles.  Rather than prematurely replace good equipment to comply with regulations and clean air initiatives, retrofitting with a DPF enables vehicle and fleet managers to achieve 2007/2010 PM emission levels at a much lower cost.”

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