Mckinney Trailer Rentals to outfit trailers with SmartTruck systems

Mckinney Trailer Rentals has extended its partnership with SmartTruck to retrofit its rental trailers with the UT-1 Trailer UnderTray system. The company will also evaluate SmartTruck’s new TopKit system.

“SmartTruck’s aerodynamic solutions are a great fit for our fleet operation,” said Thomas Begin, director of maintenance for Mckinney. “Their durability will eliminate most product maintenance costs, and, unlike obstructive traditional side skirts, the products will not impede our fleet maintenance efforts or pre-trip inspections for our customers.”

The UT-1 UnderTray system features a two-component design, made of tough polyethylene plastic available in a variety of color options. The TopKit can provide a standalone aerodynamic solution or be an addition to an existing product to further enhance fuel economy. At only 72 lbs., the TopKit provides a unique solution for those who do not want devices that extend beyond the profile of the truck.

The UT-1 and TopKit are EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant, providing a fuel-efficiency improvement of at least 5.5%, SmartTruck said.

“As one of the most respected names in the trucking industry, Mckinney is known for making smart business choices,” said Steve Ingham, chief executive officer for SmartTruck. “We are proud that they have chosen SmartTruck Systems as their sole supplier for aerodynamic solutions, and we hope that they will lead the way for other companies to embrace SmartTruck’s unique value proposition and proven performance in reducing fuel consumption.”

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