New aero devices feature “aircraft” design features

New aero devices feature “aircraft” design features

NASHVILLE, TN. Aerodynamic device maker DieselMisers has tapped into the design characteristics of aircrafts for its new aerodynamic devices.

DieselMisers produces the Kodiak AeroCurtain trailer side skirt. During the 2013 Technology and Maintenance Council’s annual meeting this week, the company announced that its Kodiak AirPlow and Kodiak Bumper Bullet are now in full production.

The devices feature a common shape – the shape of the leading edge of an aircraft wing – and promise to bring significant fuel savings, improved roadhandling stability, and California CARB/EPA SmartWay compliance – all in a system designed to be less susceptible to damage and lighter than traditional trailer skirts, the company said.

The AirPlow is an “airflow management device” that installs on the underside of a trailer in front of the tandem axles.

“The AirPlow dramatically reduces the aerodynamic drag caused by the tandem axles, while smoothing airflow and stabilizing the trailer in crosswinds,” said Jon Long, president.

According to DieselMisers, the AirPlow resembles the leading edge of a large aircraft wing turned on its side, deflecting air outwards and away from the tandem axles.

The Bumper Bullet also features the shape of the leading edge of a small aircraft wing, mounted horizontally along the forward-facing side of the trailer’s rear under-ride bar.

“The Bumper Bullet greatly reduces the drag caused by the bumper, while straightening and smoothing the turbulent airflow coming off of the trailer tires,” said Long. “It’s a remarkably simple and common-sense design.”

The AirPlow and Bumper Bullet system weighs less than 130 lbs., Long said.

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