Partner identified to install hydrogen engine systems

Velociti will provide a network of installation and post-installation services for the Hy-Impact hydrogen fuel systems. Alternative Hydrogen Solutions (AHS), providers of the Hy-Impact line of hydrogen systems, will work with Velociti through a strategic partnership to make the systems available for engines of all sizes on for-hire and private fleets, commercial marine fleets, oil services machinery, agricultural machinery, locomotives, and municipal vehicles.

“We understand that when a vehicle isn’t moving it is likely someone is not making money,” said Bill Cunetta, president of AHS. “Making sure our Hy-Impact products are professionally installed in a swift and organized fashion is very important, especially to our large fleet operators. Velociti is the obvious choice to meet our expectations.”

The Hy-Impact line was designed and manufactured by Highline Technical Innovations. The product line uses hydrogen as a catalyst to more effectively burn fuel, AHS said, resulting in a 9-23% improvement in fuel economy and lowered emissions.

In the system, hydrogen is separated from water via the process of electrolysis allowing a precise amount of hydrogen gas to be introduced into the engine’s combustion chamber, creating a significantly more efficient fuel burn, the company explained.

“The use of hydrogen systems to improve fuel economy in combustion engines has been on our radar for quite some time,” said Deryk Powell, COO of Velociti.  “But frankly, until now, we’ve not felt a viable solution was available in the market.  After many months of studying the engineering, manufacturing and design for AHS’s Hy-Impact product, we feel confident AHS offers enterprise-level users the solution they’ve been waiting for.  The market potential for AHS is massive in size and we are pleased they understand the importance of professional deployment and trust Velociti to get the job done.”

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